Oceanside Scuba and Swim Center is your source for your weekend or dive excursion gear needs. Don't get stuck in the cold... Rent one of our Dry Suits today!

Rental ItemsDay 1 PriceEach Additional Day
Drysuit Package (Suit, undergarmets, socks, boots, hose)$75.00$60.00
Full Gear Package (BCD, weights, jumpsuit, hooded vest, reg w/comp, 2 air tanks)$85.00$75.00
BCD - weight integrated$20.00$15.00
Weights or soft belt$10.00$8.00
Hooded Vest$10.00$8.00
Regulator with computer and compass$25.00$20.00
Air Tank$10.00$8.00
Nitrox Tank - 32%$13.00$11.00

All rental items due back before 5:00pm the day after rental
Renters credit card will be charged for items not returned by 5:00pm day after rental.
Oceanside Scuba and Swim will keep credit card information on file in lieu of deposit.


Oceanside Scuba and Swim Center is your dealer for quality scuba equipment.

We carry the brand below and much more, if you don't see it - ask and we will get it! 

500 PSIDiving ConceptsPinnacle
ApeksDive RitePoseidon Regulators
ApolloFranko's MapsPower Lung
AtomicFreestyle watchesPrinceton Tec
AqualungHendersonSea Life
Body Glove ProductsKieliteSea Quest
CetaceaLight & MotionSea & Sea
CochranMantaSpare Air
Deep SeeMaresTrident
DiveriteOceanicUSIA Drysuits
Doc's ProPlugOmerRiffe
Delta POMSXcel
DUI DrysuitsPelican CaseXS Scuba